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There are many things to do and wonderful places to visit in New York City, but one of the most exciting things about the city is that you can do them all in one place.

In just nine cities, the region manages to blend rural, urban and suburban charm, but the largest city, Westchester, is keeping its cool. The area offers a mix of developed towns and quieter affluent villages, as well as some of the most beautiful beaches and piers of Long Island Sound in the country. There are more big kiddyland rides than in any other area of New York City and the larger city itself, but the area's most popular attractions, such as Rockaway Beach State Park, are all within walking distance of each other and within a few miles of each other.

The Rye Playland offers some of the best opportunities, but the Discovery Center has something for all ages. Take part in children's activities at one of New York's most popular LEGO attractions and ride a variety of rides and attractions including a roller coaster, roller coaster and zip line. Interesting activities near the attraction include a petting zoo, an indoor playground, a water park and even a playground for children.

re in Peekskill, explore Riverfront Green ParkA or walk a section of the newly expanded RiverWalk. This two-mile stretch is carved directly into the rocks on the Hudson River and offers stunning views over the Highlands. There are several parking spaces and the motorway provides access to a variety of parks and paths, as well as a number of restaurants and shops. Beijing's scenic Hudson Park also has a mile-long hiking trail that starts at the station.

The city manages several parks (, including Charles Point, which has a good view of the Hudson River and the New York City skyline. New to Peekskill is the Factoria complex, which is right on the water and offers the best views of the Peks River. A short drive away are Riverfront Green ParkA and City Hall Park, as well as a number of restaurants and shops.

The area is home to one of the largest art galleries in the world and also one of the busiest pedestrian streets. White Plains has the second largest population of any city in New York City, due to its proximity to the Bronx and Manhattan. There are a number of restaurants and shops as well as a variety of museums and galleries, such as the Museum of Modern Art.

The Peekskill Museum ( houses a variety of artifacts from the history of the surrounding region as well as the city itself. In White Plains, the second largest city in New York by population with a number of restaurants, shops and galleries, it is easy to improve culture and entertainment.

The museum opened the Met Breuer Museum on Madison Avenue and expanded its program of modern and contemporary art. Since the founding of the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum in 1959, the museum has become one of the leading providers of art and culture in New York City. If you add to the collection of the museum, which contains more than 1,000 artifacts from all over the world, you will find a museum with a wide range of cultural and educational programs for children and adults.

Visit the Lincoln Depot Museum, which explores the history of New York and its history, focusing on the life and work of Lincoln, his family and friends. The manor house houses more than 1,000 artifacts from around the world, as well as a museum with a wide range of cultural programs for children and adults.

The steamship still stands in the place of the original New York City train station, and there is even a replica of it in the museum. It is located on the Hudson River, just a few hundred meters from the Port Authority bus station and the Statue of Liberty.

Most attractions are within walking distance or by taxi, so you are ready for outdoor activities. This weekend you will be heading to Blue Mountain Trailhead, and if you are coming from outside the Blue Mountain Reservation, you may find the Bee Line buses helpful. Bus numbers 17 and 14 stop directly at the park entrance, but also in the parking lot.

Take the Metro - North Hudson line to Peekskill and learn more about riding the MTA on two wheels. The Beijing Railway Station provides access to the Hudson River and Hudson Valley Line via Metro North Railroad and the New York City Subway.

The ZIP code 10567 was created by the US Postal Service to distinguish parts of the city of Cortlandt from the city of Cortland, New York, which is located about an hour away in upstate NY. This strategic region serves as an important economic and cultural center for the Hudson Valley and Hudson River region. George Washington established his headquarters at Birdsall House in Peekskill, where Benedict Arnold took command of West Point.

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More About Peekskill