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North of the Westchester County Line is Putnam Valley in Putnam County, home to one of New York's most popular tourist attractions, the Mount Vernon Museum.

The Sound Shore region stretches for about 36 miles and is a cluster of six communities located on Long Island Sound with marinas, private beaches and water access. In only nine cities, the region manages to combine rural, urban and suburban charm. Yonkers also offers a wide range of cultural and leisure activities that appeal to young professionals and families. This area offers a mix of developed cities and quieter affluent villages, as well as some of New York's most popular tourist destinations.

In New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and other parts of the state, it is easy to put culture and entertainment in order. Instead of jumping between the galleries that each city has to offer, head to the five boroughs to see what the more idyllic towns in the upstate have to offer. They offer a wide range of restaurants, shops, art galleries, museums, theatres and more.

Local highlights include a restored 1930s movie palace that is now home to the New York State Museum of Art and the National Center for the Arts. Main Street is surrounded by a number of art galleries and museums, including the Art Gallery of New Jersey, the American Institute of Architects and many others. Local artists and musicians are also featured and you will also find a wide selection of restaurants, shops, galleries, museums and theatres as well as a variety of music venues.

Located in Kinderhook on the Hudson, the Omi Arts Center is a must for people who want a leisurely stroll through the sculpture park. HVCCA is also committed to restoring a multicultural community in Peekskill and is working to restore it in other parts of New York.

Homes are affordable for New Yorkers with a median value of $355,600, and Westchester County continues to attract new residents from the Bronx and other parts of the state, as well as from New Jersey and the Midwest. Both the Bronx and Manhattan are easily accessible, and both are just a short drive away, meaning that even if you die in Peekskill without being crowded on the crowded subways and streets, Manhattan can be just an hour away when it comes to traffic.

Located just between the Hudson and Highland, Putnam Valley is also worth a visit if you are in love with the Putnam County area but are put off by property prices in Cold Spring and Garrison. While downtown is bustling, New Rochelle also offers some of the cheapest apartments in Westchester County, with a median value of $1.2 million. Given the proximity of New York City, I think you would expect many affordable apartments in this area, especially in the cold spring when Main Street is full of delightful shops and cafes.

If you are looking for a place to explore nature by bike, Northern Westchester offers many great bike paths and bike lanes, as well as a number of bike paths. Choosing where to live in Westchester can be daunting, but the largest city in West Chester is holding its own. White Plains is the commercial center of the region, while the surrounding suburbs and communities offer a variety of restaurants, shops, cafes and other amenities, including shopping, dining, shopping and dining.

Aside from his fame on the big screen, Peekskill has become a popular place for artists to escape the insane rents in New York. The city has recently become an attractive destination for emerging artists who want to be close to the city and avoid the stress of life in Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. White Plains boasts a number of great restaurants, shops, cafes and other amenities, as well as its proximity to the Bronx and Manhattan.

White Plains is a walkable, dense suburb and offers a comfortable lifestyle outside of New York City at no unreasonable cost. On the border with the Bronx, Mount Vernon, named after the first president of the plantation in Virginia, is considered the commercial center of Westchester. As a county seat, it was home to many of New York's most famous artists and businesses. Peekskill is also a popular destination for artists, writers, musicians and other artists in the area and is located north of the Bronx.

Despite its urban center, the city still hosts a number of protected areas, including the Peekskill Nature Preserve, one of the largest of its kind in the United States. The densely populated southern region of this district is the first time it has been removed from the heart of New York City and the second largest city, Westchester.

The city itself is located on Long Island Sound and is home to the Peekskill Nature Preserve, one of the largest nature reserves in the United States. The Beijing Station offers access to New York City and New Jersey via the Metro - North Railroad.

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More About Peekskill