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On Saturday, October 29, at 7: 30 p.m., she will appear on the stage of Comedy Works Underground for the first time in her new show, "Comedy in New York City."

Live music on the harbour square starts at 11.30 a.m. and continues throughout the day with a wide range of musical styles. The festival, which is open from 10 am to 6 pm, offers a variety of live music by local and national bands as well as local artists.

For information about the show and to purchase tickets, visit the website www. or call the box office at 973 - 383 - 3700 or visit their website. If you prefer to organize your event in a different location, please let the food come!

Abel Ferrara, an independent filmmaker, was born in the Bronx, moved to Peekskill as a teenager and graduated from high school. Escape Brooklyn would like to thank Fred Camino of Pekskill ExUrbanist for his assistance in creating this guide.

He continued: "A brilliant voice and artful songs have made him a local hero, which makes it easy to understand why he has been chosen as one of Peekskill's most popular and popular artists. Often compared to the voice of the late, great and often controversial singer-songwriter, Christine delivers her own unique and well-written songs, which proclaim her love of life, music and passion for art.

Those who like or love what they hear can make a reservation for this free concert on Saturday, April 15 at 7 p.m. at Peekskill Music Hall. Admission is free, but donations are appreciated.

The Tribes Hill Artists will provide musical entertainment for the craft show, and local artists and musicians will present their works in various genres.

The farm - to - Table American Food Joint, housed in a beautifully restored tavern from the 1940s, continues the craft beer vibe. More noteworthy is the Fin's Brew restaurant, which serves a variety of craft beers as well as a selection of local and regional wines and spirits. The constantly rotating beer offer includes not only local breweries from the region, but also guest brewers from all over the country as well as international breweries.

The barbecue and bistro room is the ideal setting for small events for up to 60 people and events that do not require a separate room. While you can customize the menu for your event, we have pre-set packages that are tailored to the budget - conscious customers, and when you customize your menu and event, you have access to all of their rooms in our space. Although you can customize the menus for your event, we have a pre-set package tailored to budget-conscious customers so you know what to expect.

While you can customize the menu for your event, we have put together several packages that can serve as basic guidance for all of our available services.

This summer series is hosted by the talented Chris Cernak, who hosts the show every third Saturday from May to October. There is live music by local artists and a variety of local and national artists as well as special guest speakers.

Other highlights include the Peekskill Coffee House, which hosts local acts, as well as a variety of local and national artists. From May to October, a weekly market is held in the parking lot in front of the town hall every Saturday. In spring and summer, there is a farmers market on the corner of Main and Main Streets on the first Saturday of the month.

No food or drink may be offered for sale or consumption on the premises of the City of Peekskill, except for special events where goods or goods are offered for a special event or occasion. All stands, displays, mobile or stationary stands selling food and / or products for consumption during a particular event may not include food, beverages or other goods of any kind, except those duly approved by the municipal concessionaires.

All permit fees issued here will be refunded and no parking, food, beverage or other soft drinks fees will be charged. No such insurance is required for activities that take place during special events or activities that are excluded from public liability insurance. Sponsor shall conduct a special event or event for which the City of Peekskill, the State of New York and / or its employees or Sponsor employees are not required to participate in the Event. All applicants are required to enter into a defense compensation agreement that protects the city from liability for any damages, losses, injuries, damages and other damages arising from the particular event.

At the same time, the council wants to bring people to downtown Peekskill, but artists are being displaced by rising New York City real estate prices and are moving further away, even to neighborhoods outside Manhattan. By creating spaces where artists live and work, we can create a vibrant, vibrant city centre where people can live, work and shop. For the city, like Lowell Park, to have a "vibrant downtown," it must have a population living there, with activities that take place not just nine to five days, but all day.

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