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Peekskill, New York, is home to one of the world's most popular restaurants, Fitzy's Famous Franks, which opens today, November 6. The retired deputy superintendent of public safety and his sidearm have officially traded his spatula for a New York State Department spatula. Buchanan-based entrepreneur is the owner and operator of Fitzy's, Famous, Franks and founder and CEO of Peekskills New Food.

His goal is to make Peekskill a gastronomic destination filled with fresh, local food and a vibrant downtown community. Lanza's vision goes beyond the restaurant: he wants to connect the marina and the waterfront to keep the city alive. If you like Fitzy's famous Franks and the other restaurants in the area, visit for farmers flea markets and more information about the new restaurant.

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If you prefer to organize an event in our restaurant, let the food come to you, our house can hold any event you want, such as a business meeting tailored to your event, a trade fair or even a private party.

This is a great place to take the kids out for lunch with the family, but we don't always offer a kids menu, so ask for it and make sure it's on the menu. Taormina's offers classic Italian pizza at a very fair price, making it ideal for families who sit down for a performance or matinee in the evening. Check this out if you just want a quick bite of Paramount around the corner.

If you want to get going and get good food, Nonna's is the place to go if you # Ve has everything, so make a reservation. If you try to come to brunch (as many young families seem to do), come late and fill up before you make a reservation and you will get great food and great service.

Just around the corner is La Cote d'Ivoire, one of the most popular restaurants in New York City. The food here is authentic Irish with an international twist and you can order Irish spring rolls with melted Swiss sauerkraut in a traditional spring roll packaging. Taco Dive Bar also benefits from being close to Metro North, so If you are looking for a soft shell, this place is just right for you. It's not my style, but you'll find a wide selection of tacos, tacos de la Cabana and even a taco bar.

For less adventurous eaters, there is a standard four-cheese margherita pizza that can be sold as a regular pizza, while guests who aren't afraid can order an octopus pizza or pick from the ever-changing list of specialties. If that's not on the menu, you can also order a simple cheese sequesadilla with tortilla chips and salsa.

More About Peekskill

More About Peekskill