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A prominent chef and restaurant owner from Manhattan wants to help lead the New York restaurant industry into a new era of innovation and innovation in food.

The historic town of Peekskill is known as one of the liveliest and most vibrant cities in New York with a population of over 3,000 people. Just north of Croton Point, Westchester and Rockland County is Pelham Bay Park, home to the city's largest and most diverse community. The west side is bordered by the Hudson River and the Bronx River. The southern border of Westchester is at the intersection of Route 9 and Route 1, where Pel Hamlet Manor meets Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx.

Westchester County is one of the highest-income and smallest communities, and Westchester produced the largest Democratic lead in the state in the 2012 presidential election, with more than half of the county's 1.2 million residents voting for Barack Obama. A part of New Rochelle borders the Bronx, where there is a high concentration of low-income residents and a large number of African Americans.

Westchester County also houses one of New York's largest private mansions, the Kykuit Villa in the hamlet of Pocantico Hills, which is home to the family of late President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara.

The post-Civil War period enabled entrepreneurs in the New York area to create wealth, and many built large estates, such as Lyndhurst in Westchester. Graham Rosencrantz, who worked at the New York Public Library, had his first baby and moved full-time. His first batch of cider for commercial sale was brewed in a renovated room on the grounds of his house, where the apples are still present in their original form, as he brews his own must.

Starting in October, the Sullivans will return to the drawing board with a new menu and a full-service restaurant. In November they want to reopen, more than 50 people in front of the screen, and then again in December.

If you just want a quick bite of Paramount around the corner, give it a go. Taormina offers classic Italian pizza at a very fair price, perfect for families who sit down for a performance or matinee in the evening.

Opened in June, this waterfront venue features outdoor seating and char - grilled burgers, charcuterie and signed guitars. The restaurant is located in a new building built for General George Washington and used as headquarters during the American Revolution. It features a menu and an outdoor courtyard. The menu is full of dishes like cowboy - spiced chicken eggs, chicken and pork cheeks, hot dogs, burgers and more.

The Hudson Room, just around the corner from Paramount, has a well stocked bar and offers eclectic dishes such as sushi and linguini. More noteworthy is the Fin & Brew restaurant, which serves craft beer and craft cocktails, as well as a full bar. This farm - to - table American kitchen joint, housed in a beautifully restored 1940s tavern, continues the craft - beer vibe. The street offers a varied menu, well prepared enough to complement craft beers and craft cocktails.

RameNesque is delicious, inexpensive and popular, although it is crowded, especially in the late evening and early morning hours of the day.

It is enough to say that there will be Mexican fusion food, but when will it open? There are also plans to open a second restaurant, and just across the Hudson, across the station, is Kitty's, which is coming soon. There are said to be "Mexican merger tariffs," but no word yet on when they will open. Suffice to say that "Mexico Fusion Dish" and will be featured in Kitty's and the other restaurants in the area, as well as in Manhattan.

Just around the corner, La Puebla is in the same building as Kitty's, but it's not exactly in your style. From tacos to burritos to tacos and even a few other dishes, you can find everything here.

If you are looking for good food to get going, good drinks and good food to forget, then Nonna's is the place to be. I'm licking my fingers off Seasoned Delicious, but I'm not quite sure what I like about it.

Almost all Americans can relate to their mouth - and bite into a hot pizza while sipping a glass of wine and a good drink. The Hudson Valley has some of the best pizzerias in New York City, and one of these restaurants, Hudson Room, has just been voted one of our top 100 restaurants in the country by Open Table. Choose your favorite pizzeria from our list of pizzarias and vote for it.

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More About Peekskill